April 04, 2020

Review of Botkeeper


Review of Botkeeper
Learn How Bookstime Is Different Do you hate bookkeeping or simply want to save your time and money? We all know that bookkeeping takes a lot of work and requires a lot of time to manage bookkeepers, who inevitably make mistakes because they are human. There is a faster and more efficient answer to all of your bookkeeping needs, and that is AI and machine learning combined with accountants. Artificial intelligence is already handling a lot of labor-intensive and time-consuming tasks in various areas. Now, it is time to take advantage of modern, innovative technology. Botkeeper is the first robotic bookkeeper. It is an amazing combination of experienced accounting specialists, machine learning, and robotic process automation that delivers start-ups, small and large businesses across the globe accounting that is automated to the maximum.

Botkeeper Pros & Cons

  • Accurate, real-time financial data
Traditional bookkeeping is slow, tedious, highly repetitive, and prone to error. You can integrate Botkeeper with your accounting system and uses AI and machine learning to make traditionally manual activities like categorizations, entries, and payroll automated. The entire process is also checked and managed by senior accountants. A live dashboard allows accessing financials in real-time for a competition for an overview of the business. This enables business management to make quicker and better-informed decisions.
  • Machine learning
Once you train Botkeeper to do something, it does not forget how to do it and just keeps doing it. You can train it to do almost anything and add on to new tasks. Botkeeper continuously learns and gets better at doing your bookkeeping as it learns your business and bookkeeping needs.
  • Data Security
A live dashboard allows businesses to pass information and documents securely to Botkeeper. User’s data is protected by 256-bit encryption and, since Botkeeper is based on a cloud infrastructure from Amazon Web Services, Botkeeper servers are safeguarded by the top data security tools.
  • Client support
According to Botkeeper reviews, customer support is very helpful and always available. You will go through a 2-hours onboarding process to make sure the service is fully customized to your needs. Once you are a Botkeeper client, you can use email, IM, and dedicated phone lines to customer service and enjoy customer service and support 24/7. An instant messaging function is available within the Botkeeper client portal to communicate with a bot or an account manager. If you are a potential client and would like to find out more about this service, the Botkeeper phone number and other contact information are available on its official website.
  • Integrations
Besides being able to integrate Botkeeper with popular accounting software, such as QuickBooks Online, Gusto, and Xero, Botkeeper also has many third-party app integrations, including CRMs, Google Analytics, social media, e-commerce platforms, bank and credit accounts, and payroll.
  • Scalability
Botkeeper is built to scale, so you can start as a small business or a solopreneur and have accurate, up-to-date books automated in no time. As your business grows, you can upgrade to a different package that can better meet your needs.


Botkeeper pricing is represented by a fixed monthly fee (about $500 a month) for its services. It includes everything that a business requires in that fixed monthly fee that businesses pay based on their transaction volume. Botkeeper also offers a 30-day free trial and even provides a free version of Botkeeper. The available packages include the following:
  • Basic (starting at $59 per month) – great for start-ups and small businesses;
  • Pro (starting at $459 per month) – more services, such as billing and payroll management;
  • Advanced (starting at $659 per month) – intended for large businesses with more bookkeeping needs.

Botkeeper Features

  • Customer support available 24/7
  • Multiple integrations
  • Automation and machine learning
  • Bookkeeping entries
  • Transaction categorization
  • Bank and credit card reconciliations
  • Invoicing and bill collections
  • Payroll processing and bill pay
  • Monthly reports

Most Helpful Botkeeper User Reviews

“It’s an easy way to keep an eye on how finances are going for your business without having to input data manually, reconcile accounts, classify transactions, or track anything. Essentially, Botkeeper takes care of all the bookkeeping tasks you would have to do yourself. If spending for your business increases and exceeds the allowed transactions, you’ll be automatically upgraded to the next level plan that allows for more.” Amy Nichol Smith
“Great alternative to traditional bookkeeping. Customer service is fast and attentive. They spend time figuring out answers to all my questions. Changes are made quickly and with great communication.” David R.
“BotKeeper has been great. It’s been like having a full-time bookkeeper. They are responsive to emails and requests. I like the people behind the software. The software uploads my transactions every night and the people behind the software ask questions to make sure everything is categorized. They enter bills, cleanup mistakes and have the knowledge to do it.” Nick J.

Bottom line

Botkeeper is a virtual robotic bookkeeper that does your bookkeeping and supports your business accounting needs through machine learning and integration of systems and software. It provides businesses with the highest accuracy and fastest insight at a very affordable price compared to hiring a bookkeeper. With Botkeeper, you do not have to worry about losing an employee because it will always be with you no matter what, and no matter what time of the day it is. You can focus on your business management and growth and have some time free for other activities.
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Author: Charles Lutwidge

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