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How It Works

With BooksTime, you get a dedicated bookkeeper who specializes in bookkeeping and accounting for the construction industry.

That means you spend your valuable time seeking new clients, preparing bids, managing your crews, and getting those projects done. We handle all your bookkeeping and back-office accounting needs, accurately, expertly, and at a fraction of the cost of in-house staff or CPAs.

Additionally, with a professional bookkeeping and accounting team working for your construction business, you will get valuable insights on how to save costs and increase profitability.

What You should Expect

Whether you’re a sole contractor or run a large construction company, BooksTime helps ensure that all your financial records are available to you when you need them, your statements and expense reports are tax-ready, and you’re fully compliant with federal and local rules and regulations.

We work with you as a partner, with an overarching goal of helping your business be more profitable. That means we use the industry’s best software to help keep track of your standard costs of equipment, labor, materials on a calendar as well as on a per-job basis. We also help you track all your marketing efforts. And because we understand that your time is the most valuable asset you have, we will never force you to switch from the software you already know and rely on. We’ll simply tailor our processes to your existing software and workflows.

We work with the most commonly used expense tracking, bidding, and construction accounting software on the market. And if the software you use is not something we know, we’ll gladly train our staff on it, at no extra charge to you.

If you’re not currently using accounting or bookkeeping software, we will gladly make recommendations, based on our extensive knowledge and experience as well as feedback from our many construction industry clients.

Bookkeeping Services for Construction clients include:


Record and categorize all your transactions


Reconcile all bank and credit card accounts


Expense reports on a per-project, monthly or quarterly basis


Tax-Ready financial statements


Analysis of your cash flow and expenses on a per-project basis, providing invaluable insights on where you can cut costs of doing business or where you should expand.


Creative solutions to make the process of drafting bids financially transparent for the company owners, so that you can clearly see potential profits from each bid you create.


Expert financial advice on achieving your long-term business goals

Satisfaction Guarantee


Our real estate clients consistently rate their BooksTime bookkeepers 5 out of 5 stars. BooksTime’s customer service is second to none. We’re so confident you’ll love the service that we offer a Satisfaction Guarantee.


The Most Qualified Team in the Business

Your dedicated bookkeeper will generally have between 10 and 30 years of experience, with relevant degrees and other qualifications such as a CPA license or an MBA. Your BooksTime bookkeeper will have a working knowledge of construction industry accounting requirements and will have experience working with similar businesses.


Lowest Price Guarantee

BooksTime’s mission is to make high-quality bookkeeping services that big businesses are used to affordable for small businesses. We guarantee that our rates are the lowest you’ll find. Click to find your best price


Peace of Mind

Never be worried about an audit again. With fully transparent and accurate accounting and bookkeeping services from BooksTime, you’ll always have tax-ready financials at your fingertips.


A True Partner to Grow Your Business

At BooksTime, we treat every relationship as a partnership. That means that your success is important to us, and we’ll do everything we can to give you the best tools and advice to help you grow your business. Over time, you will be able to see patterns that affect your business’ profitability on a job by job basis, enabling you to make better financial decisions. With accurate tracking of all your transactions, expenses, and revenue streams, we’ll be able to provide insights into which projects are most lucrative and how to attract them. And with BooksTime taking care of all the back-office accounting and bookkeeping tasks, you’ll have more time to pursue that growth.

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