Success Stories


A startup gets the support it needs to grow

"BooksTime provides full-service bookkeeping for my company, from payroll and invoicing to bank reconciliation and cash flow analysis. Their expert advice and high-quality work allow me to focus on my business, not the books."


Most dog treats you see on store shelves are packed with artificial substances that can be toxic to our pets. When two dog lovers decided they wanted better treats for their pets, Icelandic+ was born. Icelandic+ produces 100% ethically sourced Icelandic lamb horns. These wholesome treats are natural, healthy, environmentally-friendly alternative to antlers and rawhide. In an industry dominated by synthetic, unhealthy treats, their product prove revolutionary.

When major distributors and retailers started to express interest, the company started to gain momentum. The founders wanted to be sure they wouldn’t have to spend precious time managing the company’s books instead of focusing on growing the business. They needed a flexible, low-maintenance solution that would adapt to the needs of their rapidly growing and evolving startup.This is why they chose BooksTime.

BooksTime now provides across-the-board financial, accounting, and bookkeeping support and is helping Icelandic+ lead a new movement in the dog treat industry.

Prosapia Genetics

A technology company outsources its headaches

"I strongly recommend BooksTime. Sonya and her team at BooksTime provide us with the highest level of service imaginable. Since we signed up in 2015, all our finances have been managed perfectly. We never have to worry about accounting or bookkeeping thanks to them. They take care of any requests we have very quickly and always make themselves available for us. They go above and beyond to meet any need we have!

Given the level of service and expertise they offer, BooksTime's rates are surprisingly affordable. Their hourly rates are really competitive. Also, it seems like they put a lot of effort into working as efficiently as possible, which results in them working quickly and consequently billing fewer hours than we'd expect from a normal bookkeeper.

If you have any accounting or bookkeeping needs, I can't recommend them highly enough — BooksTime is by far the best option out there. I look forward to working with Sonya and her team for many years to come."


Who are we? Where do we come from? Humans have always asked these questions. Prosapia Genetics uses computational genetics to answer them. With advanced algorithms created by researchers at the University of Southern California (USC), Prosapia is able to determine the ethnic and regional background of its clients, based not on paper ancestry records, but entirely on human genes. Their proprietary database of gene markers for over 500 ethnicities, national and tribal groups is far larger than those at other similar companies such as 23andMe,, and My Heritage.

With a complex business and licensing model, Prosapia needed to find a way to avoid getting bogged down in bookkeeping. That’s where BooksTime came in. By offering a fully-customized bookkeeping solution, BooksTime lets Prosapia focus on innovation in genetic research — not record-keeping, paperwork, and transaction processing.

Centre Reality Group

A real estate company can focus on what it does best

"We entrusted BooksTime with a critical initiative to reorganize our financial data. BooksTime maintained a rigorous quality assurance process to ensure that no data was lost or misclassified. Whether helping with projects big or small, the team at BooksTime delivers reliable, high-quality service every time."


Centre Realty Group (CRG) is a full-service real estate brokerage firm. Their dedication to customer satisfaction has made them one of the most respected real estate companies in the Boston area. Founded in 1992, CRG has offices in Boston, Newton, Watertown and West Roxbury.

CRG signed up with BooksTime in order to offload certain bookkeeping tasks so their managers and finance staff could save time and focus on other important responsibilities. In addition to performing routine bookkeeping to save time for CRG staff, BooksTime works hand-in-hand with CRG to design bookkeeping processes that ensure accuracy, maximize efficiency, and follow accounting best practices. As a result, CRG staff get more time to focus on what they do best: matching Bostonians with great homes.

Brighton Main Streets

A small nonprofit gets a helping hand during an important transition

"Our experience working with BooksTime has been fantastic. The level of technical knowledge, the follow through and attention to detail, and the upbeat, service-oriented attitude of our accountant, Jennifer Page, are absolutely top notch."


Brighton Main Streets is a nonprofit organization in Brighton, Massachusetts dedicated to the improvement of Brighton’s commercial district. BMS is an incredibly valuable asset to the local business community.

When the organization went through a change in leadership, they found themselves needing someone to take care of the bookkeeping during the transition, as well as to train incoming staff on their bookkeeping processes. BMS chose BooksTime to help them ensure a seamless transition. Working hand-in-hand with key team members at BMS, BooksTime helped BMS maintain — and even improve — their bookkeeping processes during this critical time.


An efficient solution for the world's largest restaurant franchise

With over 45,000 restaurants, Subway is the largest restaurant operator in the world. With BooksTime, Subway franchisees benefit from constant access to an experienced team of accountants and bookkeepers with expertise in restaurant franchisees. Specialized services such as menu pricing analysis, overhead monitoring, and customized reports help franchisees keep tabs on their business’s financial health and plan for the future. BooksTime works with both single-unit and multi-unit owners.

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King's Chapel

A historic church upgrades to a modern bookkeeping service

"We continue to be quite pleased with the service we receive from BooksTime and your staff. All professional and courteous, I appreciate their willingness to work with where we are at... Both Mila and George are enjoyable to work with, and very approachable... Both are very efficient, and we are spending less on our bookkeeping than if we had to pay for an employee."


King’s Chapel was established in 1686 as New England’s first Anglican congregation. It is now an independent Christian Unitarian congregation, as well as a popular stop along the Freedom Trail in Boston. This historic, 330 year-old institution decided to upgrade to a modern bookkeeping service to reduce costs. In addition to cost savings, King’s Chapel enjoys all the benefits of a personalized, full-service bookkeeping solution — without the headaches and overhead involved in hiring and managing internal staff.

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