Our Story

BooksTime was founded by the husband-and-wife team Sonya Livshits, a CPA who previously worked at some of the world’s leading accounting firms, and Jacob Livshits, a technology entrepreneur.

Sonya and Jacob noticed that small businesses often struggle to find a good bookkeeping solution.

Big companies have large departments dedicated to keeping financial records, generating reports, running payroll, paying bills, and similar back-office tasks — but small companies can’t afford to hire teams of expensive employees to do this work.

Instead, they end up spending their own precious time bogged down in QuickBooks, trying to muddle through. It’s stressful, because small mistakes can cause big issues. Plus, it distracts business owners from focusing on what they do best.

Sonya and Jacob knew there had to be a better way.

They noticed that some small business owners hire employees to take care of the bookkeeping. However, there’s no backup when an employee takes time off, and employees come with all sorts of hidden costs: training and management time, recruiting costs, steep taxes, and paid time off -- just to mention a few.

Most importantly, when hiring a bookkeeper, many small business owners feel they have to choose between qualifications and affordability. They don’t want to trust their critical financial operations to someone without the necessary professional skills and training, but bookkeepers who have these qualifications tend to be more expensive than a small business can afford.

As a result, lots of businesses try to outsource their bookkeeping. However, too many outsourced bookkeeping services only offer a narrow range of services, or overly-standardized services that don’t adapt to meet the unique needs of each business. Even worse, many outsourcing companies cut corners and hire inexperienced or unreliable bookkeepers.

Sonya and Jacob founded BooksTime to change all of that. BooksTime offers reliable, personalized bookkeeping services at prices that every business can afford. We take pride in our work and in our mission to enable small businesses everywhere to thrive.


Sonya Livshits

Owner and Co-Founder, Chief Service Advisor

Sonya is a CPA with an MBA and over a decade of public accounting experience in senior roles at elite audit firms and professional service companies. In her 8 years at KPMG, Sonya supervised audit teams, oversaw an IPO of over $200 million in NASDAQ, and advised clients in both public and privately held companies. Starting in 2009, Sonya served as Chief Controller at a Boston-based forex startup that now has offices in three countries and monthly trading volume of $7 billion. Before joining BooksTime, Sonya also managed the Financial Services Office at Ernst & Young, where she was in charge of corporate audit functions at State Street Corporation and its subsidiaries, one of the world's leading providers of financial services to institutional investors. Sonya is certified by Intuit as a QuickBooks ProAdvisor.

Jacob Livshits

Co-Founder, Executive Chair

Jacob, who also goes by Yakov, is a graduate of University of Oxford, Technion, and MIT. Before becoming a serial entrepreneur, Jacob managed R&D at software giant Nuance Communications, which powers speech applications such as the iPhone's Siri, and also developed network security solutions at Check Point Software Technologies, the largest pure-play computer security vendor in the world. Over the last twelve years, Jacob has founded four financial services and financial information companies in the US and around the world. He recently competed in an Ironman triathlon in Israel.

Jesse Gildesgame

Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Before coming to BooksTime, Jesse was Director of Strategic Initiatives and Partnerships at Language International, a Harvard Business School startup that helps language students find and enroll in language courses around the world. Jesse is responsible for making sure BooksTime achieves its mission to make top-quality accounting and bookkeeping services affordable for every small business. Jesse is a graduate of Bowdoin College.

Our Team

Jenn Page

Vice President

Teri Ayeni

Senior Accountant

George Mastaby

Senior Accountant

John Nocera

Senior Accountant

Cristine Jones

Client Service Associate

Elizabeth Borges

Director of Partnerships & Acquisitions

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