March 10, 2020

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ADP Run Review: Payroll Software for Small Businesses


ADP Run Review: Payroll Software for Small Businesses
Learn How Bookstime Is Different Small businesses face many challenges, especially with managing paperwork and staying in compliance with laws and regulations for proper record keeping. Managing your greatest assets – your people is even harder. Paying your employees and managing related tasks is easy when you have the right partner and the right solutions, such as ADP Payroll software. According to ADP Run reviews by users, this is a great payroll tool for both small and large businesses. It was also noted that ADP customer services are very helpful. In this article, we would like to dive deeper and see what this software is all about.

What is ADP Run?

Run powered by ADP is a powerful cloud-based HR and payroll software. ADP Run was created for small businesses and is already used by over 400,000 businesses. Run can streamline time-consuming HR management and payroll tasks. You will also benefit from reports, such as Payroll Summary, Earnings Record, Earnings by Department, etc. Custom reports are also available. Run is backed by ADP’s compliance specialists and helps to manage risks of the ever-changing rules and regulations. It has a straightforward and very intuitive design and helps you to be more efficient and improve the employee experience. You and your employees can access Run no matter where you are and what device you are using.

How does ADP Payroll Work?

To get started with ADP Run, you will need to create an account, filling out the required information. Then, you will be able to go either straight to the ADP Run log in page or navigate to ADP Run Payroll Login on the ADP website. Since this software is cloud-based, as mentioned above, you can get into your account at any time and anywhere. Starting with this software is very simple. If you would like to get some guidance navigating the software, you can watch the ADP Run demo video, and it will walk you through the process step by step. You can also always turn to the ADP Run support.
ADP Run Review: Payroll Software for Small Businesses

ADP Run Features and Benefits

  • Easy payroll process
An option to continue with the payroll processing, later on, is awesome because you will not have to worry that you will get interrupted, and all your work will get lost. Businesses with all salaried employees or hourly employees with the same hours each week, Run and Done feature can help to save time by automating your payroll. The convenience of the eDelivery feature allows you to cut time and money spent when doing the payroll, and your employees don’t have to wait for pay stubs again.
  • Online timesheets
Tracking time and labor is no work at all with ADP Run online timesheets. Employees can punch in and out on a time clock, computer, or app, and everything feeds back to Run.
  • Mobile app
The mobile app makes everything much easier. Employees can track and print pay statements and W2s, check schedules or punch in, view and manage a retirement plan information, etc. Employee productivity and satisfaction are sure to improve. You can manage your payroll anytime, anywhere on your phone. You can review and enter payroll information for your employees and contractors, preview payroll liability, and approve your payroll and funds to be withdrawn. You can view employee information and generate payroll reports. An HR dictionary is included for your convenience.
  • Document vault
This feature is very valuable. As the business grows, you have more papers and administrative work that have to be not only safely stored but also well organized. ADP Run allows us to store and manage documents electronically in an easy and safe way. You can have fast access to any documents store in the vault online with your ADP Run login credentials. This can also help you with compliance with laws and regulations for proper record keeping.
  • Taxes
You can focus on the stuff that really matters while ADP handles your taxes. It will file and pay your taxes and provide tax tables along with all compliance reporting. Tax remittance is also available.
  • Integration
RUN integrates with ADP’s HR, Retirement, Insurance and Time tracking products, so everything is together in one place. Ability to add other solutions is also a great benefit for small business who starts with ADP Run and would like to add other solutions as the business grows.

How Much Does ADP Run Cost?

The cost is based on a quote. Individuals can request a no-obligation price quote on the website. ADP has four plans available: Essential, Enhanced, Complete, and HR Pro. If you have any questions regarding the ADP pricing, you can contact ADP Run client services. You can also request a quote by phone – Run by ADP phone number is 855-230-6728 and can also be found on the official ADP website. It should be noted that currently, ADP offers new users three months of ADP Payroll service for free after they sign up for the ADP Run.
ADP Run Review: Payroll Software for Small Businesses

The Bottom Line

Every business owner has one thing in common – you are busy all the time, and too often, employee-related tasks take over your day. With Run Payroll, you can save time and be more productive. It makes HR and Payroll tasks more manageable for everybody. For example, employees can access and manage their pay information at any time on their own and, in some cases, you can completely automate the payroll. Since you will no longer be spending time on payroll and answering your employee requests (looking up pay stubs, updating direct deposit information, etc.), you can get back to your business. Afterall, what business owner could not use a little more time, whether it is for business or personal life. ADP provides the convenience of choosing a plan that meets your needs, and the budget enables businesses with up to 50 employees to stop searching for the right solution. You can contact the ADP Run help service to learn more about this product.
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Author: Charles Lutwidge

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