March 03, 2020

Pilot Bookkeeping Service Review


Pilot Bookkeeping Service Review
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How Pilot Works

Bookkeeping is an extremely time-consuming process and very manual. So, business owners start to look for people, tools, or software that can help them. Although the software and other tools are great, you still have to do a lot of manual work in front of your computer or phone to make sure that everything is entered and done on time and correctly. With Pilot bookkeeping, you don’t have to worry about anything anymore. The Pilot will literally do everything for you. You will get your monthly and on request reports without doing any work, so you can just focus on running your company. Moreover, you can be confident that when the tax time comes, your books will not only be in perfect order, but the Pilot team can also prepare and file them on your behalf. Pilot accounting is a bookkeeping company that focuses on providing bookkeeping and other financial services for start-ups and small businesses, so they developed a very deep understanding and experience in it. They have a team of bookkeeping experts that work on your books and a team of engineers that are creating tools to automate a portion of the bookkeeping work. They do accrual-basis bookkeeping, which is important for startup companies that want to grow. Pilot’s accounting software is QuickBooks Online, which means that you will always have access to your books and can always easily switch to another bookkeeping service provider or hire an in-house bookkeeper. It will also smoothly integrate with your books and bookkeeping system and can do catch up work. You can always easily contact the Pilot bookkeeping team if you have any questions. If necessary, your account manager will email you to clarify some information. Knowing that your finances are always up to date and well organized, you can rest peacefully. Since you will have an accurate financial picture, you will be able to make better financial decisions for your start-up or small business and lead it to success.

Pilot Services

Pilot offers its clients a whole list of financial services, which include the following:
  • Dedicated account bookkeeper
  • Accrual-basis accounting
  • Preparation of standard financial statements
  • Automatic transaction import
  • Transactions categorization
  • Accounts reconciliation every month
  • Inventory, AP and AR tracking
  • Catch-up and clean-up bookkeeping
  • Tax preparation and filing
  • Cash forecasting
  • Multi-currency support
  • Unlimited connected accounts

Plans and Pricing

You can try Pilot service for free for a whole month. Pre-revenue startups also get a $200 per month discount. Pilot bookkeeping pricing is based on the number of monthly expenses and the plan you choose. Individuals will also have to pay an onboarding fee, which is equal to one month of service. Clients pay for plans on an annual basis.
  • Core (starting at $649 per month with $30,000 of expenses per month) – clients get accrual basis bookkeeping with personal finance expert, main financial statements, assistance, and advice.
  • Select (starting at $899 per month with $30,000 of expenses per month) – in addition to the services provided under core plan, and clients also get priority delivery of books and support, phone reviews every month, and industry-standard financial ratios.
  • Custom (custom prices, monthly expenses over $200,000) – in addition to what is provided in both plans above, clients get a completely customizable chart of accounts, support for multiple entries and locations, billable expenses, and tracking of accounts payable and receivable, as well as inventory.

The Bottom Line

A conclusion we would like to draw in this Pilot bookkeeping review is that Pilot will have your back in terms of your bookkeeping, accounting, and other financial services. It is a perfect fit for small businesses and enterprises who are just beginning their journey. The best part about Pilot is that you will not have to worry about staying on top of your bookkeeping, or to do anything for that matter, because Pilot is not just accounting software, but a dedicated team of bookkeeping specialists. Since bookkeeping will no longer be on your to-do list, you can dedicate more time to tasks that really matter to you. It is very easy to start using these bookkeeping services because they will not only do bookkeeping catch up, if needed, but can also provide various integrations with most of the leading software and web applications. Your dedicated finance manager is always available whenever you have questions.
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Author: Charles Lutwidge

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