March 10, 2020

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Gusto Review


Gusto Review

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If you are a business owner and planning to hire employees or you already have employees, then you know that HR management and running payroll are some of the most daunting tasks you have to deal with as a business owner.

There are many forms and taxes that you have to worry about filling out correctly, filing on time, and paying the taxes, and paying the employees on time. Luckily, there is software such as Gusto that can make it easier and simpler. This is a Gusto 101: a guide for business owners who want to improve their HR and payroll processes.

What is Gusto?

Gusto is a platform that allows businesses to manage new employee onboarding, payroll, pay 1099 contractors, owner withdrawals, and much more. It even goes further into managing different benefits that you might offer your employees, time off, vacation, holidays, etc. It is very easy to use with new employees, and it takes 5- 7 minutes to add a new employee.

Gusto is like having your HR department with Gusto pricing, starting at a low price per month. It takes away having to deal with all the paperwork, whether it’s for hiring a new employee or doing payroll every two weeks.

Gusto sign up will not take much of your time, and afterward, you will be able to use your Gusto login to access your account from either a Mac or PC or any mobile device with the Gusto app since the data is stored in the cloud.

Besides being able to contact Gusto customer support through phone, email, or live chat, users also have access to a knowledge base and demos. So, if you need a quick response, you can use the live chat, and if you are a more visual learner, you can turn to demos. According to user reviews, Gusto’s customer service is great and helpful.

Overview of Gusto Features

  • Gusto application
  • Free trial
  • Multiple price plans
  • Employee onboarding
  • New hire tax forms
  • Tax filings and payments
  • Automatic Gusto payroll
  • Payment notifications
  • Pay 1099 contractors
  • Employee benefits

Gusto Benefits

Gusto allows you to bring on new employees, to have them fill out all the tax forms that are required, and have you as the business owner fill and file all the tax forms that are required of you from your state and also the IRS. You can also make sure that all the forms for 1099 contractors are filed correctly. Moreover, your employees can change information, such as a number of their dependents and which plans they would like to be under, in their account.

Gusto will integrate with a lot of programs, especially with accounting and employee scheduling software: Freshbooks, Xero, QuickBooks Online, When I Work. These integrations allow there to be minimal data reentry into the two programs and will enable them to synchronize to make sure that all of your data is constant across all platforms.

Another benefit of using the Gusto Payroll is its time tracking feature. Setting up your team’s hours track is easy. You will need to set up which hourly employees you want to track time for, add overtime rules, and assign managers who can view and approve employee’s hours and time-off requests. The best part is that you will not have a pile of paperwork or do all the math manually.

Your employees can clock in and out in real-time or enter hours later right from their Gusto account. If necessary, they can also make edits until the approval. Reminders at the end of each pay period will help you stay on track with the payroll.

How Much Does Gusto Cost?

There are a few different packages for you to choose from, and Gusto pricing varies slightly based on which package is best for your business. It offers four tiers worth of pricing: Core, Complete, Concierge, and Contractors.

The Core plan is starting at $39 per month plus $6 per month per user. The Complete plan that offers better HR tools also has a base price of $39 per month, but you will pay $12 per month per user. If you also want to have certified HRS professionals and resources, so you do not have to do it alone, you can go for the Concierge plan – $12 per month per user plus $149 per month base price.

If you do not have employees, you can use Gusto’s Contractors plan for just $6 per person. Gusto also gives an option to add supplementary features to any plan at a small additional cost. You can also do a free trial with Gusto for a whole month.

Gusto User Reviews

User reviews are an important part of any product review, including our Gusto review. Here are just some user reviews that reflect their satisfaction with this product.

“We looked to simplify and streamline our payroll. As a small business owner juggling payroll and all the other tasks was becoming a big time sink. Moving to Gusto simplified and automated many of those above tasks. It gives me the peace of mind that my employees are being paid on time, and that taxes and insurance are being handled correctly. The added PTO features, and the ability to add retirement, and healthcare in the same platform is amazing as well.”

Alex from eMDTec

“Gusto’s customer support is, by far, the best of the software/service providers our company uses. They are responsive, attentive, and caring. Payroll and taxes are a big source of stress for us because we’re not accountants or tax professionals. Knowing that Gusto has our back, keeping the i’s dotted and the t’s crossed while also being infinitely patient with our questions and concerns, literally helps us both sleep better at night.”

D’nelle D., Project Manager

“We use Gusto to make sure employees get paid on time, have access to benefits, and the company is tax compliant. Their all-in-one solution makes it super simple to stay compliant with multiple states and the changing tax requirements. We simply can focus on supporting the wonderful people that work at Nodecraft instead of worrying about compliance.”

Jonathan Yarbor from Nodecraft

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Author: Charles Lutwidge

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