May 05, 2020

LedgerGurus Review: Virtual and Outsourced Accounting


LedgerGurus Review: Virtual and Outsourced Accounting

Have you been trying to do your own books and, despite all the software and apps you use, you do not really know what is going on in your business? Perhaps you have been working with an accounting professional, but they do not really know e-commerce accounting? E-commerce accounting is very new to accountants, so not many have enough expertise in it. There is a lot of things that add to the complexity of handling the financials for an e-commerce business, including:

  • multiple channels
  • multiple payment processors
  • numerous apps that integrate with the accounting software
  • complicated inventory.

What is LedgerGurus?

LedgerGurus is an outsourced accounting department that specializes in accounting and bookkeeping for e-commerce and small to medium businesses. It is located in American Fork, UT, United States and has been helping business owners to confidently move towards their goal since 2014. The best part is that no matter where your business is, LedgerGurus can provide you with accurate financials.

LedgerGurus helps business owners to have meaningful and reliable financials that will give a true picture of how profitable their business is and where they need to make adjustments. They have different teams that focus on specific areas of bookkeeping and accounting, such as inventory, sales tax, and e-commerce. This allows them to be true experts in every aspect of financial management and planning.

What sets LedgerGurus apart from other virtual bookkeepers and accountants is that they truly care about the success of their clients. They believe that small and medium businesses play an important role in our economy, but are often undervalued. LedgerGurus is here to change that by offering the service they deserve.

LedgerGurus Review: Virtual and Outsourced Accounting

What does LedgerGurus have to offer?

⮚ A clear picture of profits

Have you been working on your financials just so you can get a tax return done? As your business is growing, you will want to get a clear view of your profits to understand your growth margins, your profitability, and what your gross sales are versus fees, deduction, etc. You will want to use that data to manage your business and make critical decisions to improve your profitability.

⮚ Track inventory and COGS

LedgerGurus will help you to track inventory and cost of goods sold correctly. When you know what inventory is and what your COGS are, you will know how profitable you are and also how much money is tied up in your inventory.

⮚ App integrations

Perhaps you already connected QuickBooks Online to an app, maybe an inventory app, and it is bringing in the wrong data. You may want to streamline some manual processes, but you do not know what kind of app to use or how it would even integrate with QuickBooks. This is when LedgerGurus can help you integrate an app that is most suitable for your needs and ensure that it works as intended.

⮚ Track and manages sales tax

Sales tax is a very complex issue, and there are a lot of rules to keep up with. LedgerGurus accounting department can help you to navigate through all of these very complex issues.

⮚ Time

Even if you were to do your own books and do them correctly, is that the best use of your time? Your goal as a business owner is to spend your time on activities that will bring you profits and increase your cash flow. You should not worry so much about working on financials because there are experts, like LedgerGurus, who can do it for you and will do it in the best possible way.

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Author: Charles Lutwidge

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