April 03, 2020

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Review of KPMG Spark

Review of KPMG Spark

Running a business is rewarding, but getting your finances in check can be a bit of a headache. Every modern business deserves a modern accounting service. Check out this KPMG review to help you decide whether it is the best choice for your business needs and requirements.

What is KPMG Spark?

Whether it is managing accounts, outsourced payroll, company secretarial, or face-to-face consultations, KPMG can help your business. With KPMG Spark consulting, businesses can get support from their own dedicated accountant via Skype, email, or phone. You will get your time back, and KPMG Spark will assist you with your accounting and tax filing so that you can have peace of mind.

How KPMG Spark Works

KPMG is an international network of independent firms providing audit, tax, and advisory services. They work closely with clients to help them mitigate the risks and opportunities for their businesses. KPMG serves various clients, including government agencies, corporations, and nonprofits. 

They have high professionalism, deep knowledge of industry specificity, and local conditions. So, no matter what you do and where you are located, KPMG can help you be sure that your accounting and taxes are carried out properly and in accordance with the law requirements.

KPMG clients also have an opportunity to gain access to their client events and grow their network. They can access new markets to promote their business to over 13,500 staff members. KPMG will continue to support the business as it grows. Other services offered by KPMG include:

  • CRM and customer experience implementation
  • Data and analytics services
  • Organization security certification
  • Risk management consulting
  • Security consulting
Review of KPMG Spark


Your business will be assigned a dedicated accountant who will answer all of your questions, ensure your financials are up to date, payroll is delivered, and taxes are filed. 

KPMG Spark software will be used to easily transfer financial data, making bookkeeping and accounting simpler and safer. The app is connected to business credit cards, bank accounts, and third-party integration to customize as much as possible. Businesses can also benchmark their progress with the help of a business intelligence dashboard that tracks performance.

KPMG Spark delivers cloud-based accounting for quick and easy invoicing. Innovative technology is used to give the client access to their account at any time via mobile, tablet, or PC. There will be no more scanning and sending, no more waiting, and no more worrying. A receipt scanning app also helps make expense handling simpler. 

With KPMG accounting hub, your invoices, returns, certificates, agreements, notes, financial statements, accounts filings, BOD minutes, and other paperwork are accessible to you at any time and anywhere. This means that you can do your bookkeeping wherever you are. The KPMG will, in turn, review it and allow you to reduce your accounting fees. 

How Much Does KPMG Spark Cost?

KPMG Spark pricing starts at $190 per month. Businesses can also try KPMG Spark software for free and get training in person or online. Accounting and bookkeeping features such as bank reconciliation, AR and AP, billing and invoices, expense tracking, payroll management, cash management, tax management, and project accounting are included. 

KPMG Spark User Reviews

Reviews play an important role in many choices we make every day, including picking accounting services for your business. Below are KPMG Spark reviews we found most helpful. 

“We are using KMPG spark for seven businesses. Their online software and the staff are fantastic. They have made the setup process very easy. I don’t know why I didn’t switch over earlier. I feel like I am getting a great value for the services being rendered. The software is easy to use very intuitive. Makes communication with your financial team easy.” 

Brendan P.

“As a small business owner, I find their service to be very useful. It made accounting affordable and easy to do because now I spend less time on tracking every transaction.”


“Very proficient. They helped us solve audit problem witnessed in our business. Their teams were available to help us identify and solve this challenge that stood on the way of growth and development. KPMG is a very proficient company with renowned practices and a stanch approach. They will help you frame out the encounter and they may map out a pathway to the resolution and be with you till you obtain the solution.

Ann W.

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