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April 27, 2023

A Guide to Bookkeeping For Hair Stylist

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Any company owner wants to succeed. Are you ready to overcome challenges in a glutted sector like the beauty industry? It is essential to consider how much time you are prepared to invest in your beauty space, particularly the accounting department, and how you will manage it. The most frequently asked questions in bookkeeping for hair stylist merit closer examination. We are going to shed more light on the subtleties of this kind of bookkeeping.

Understanding the essence of salon accounting

Regardless of whether the hairdresser is self-employed or the owner of a beauty salon, bookkeeping is an important part. It includes tracking the total revenue of the organization (or freelancer) and obtaining indispensable data about its profitability.

It is vital to pay attention to this component of the company since it might help you to prevent economic issues. Financial transactions must be tracked and recorded every day as financial statements are created, and the company’s financial wealth is analyzed using this data. Without proper accounting, the entire business can experience losses and have legal problems with taxes if it is not tracked.

Beauty space accounting

Accounting for beauty salon has unique characteristics which must be considered. The accounting and reporting requirements for beauty salons necessitate a highly thoughtful approach and the participation of experienced professionals.

The legislation requires everyone who owns and operates a beauty salon independently to maintain their company’s books. These duties range from:

  • Supplier account management
  • Record income and business expenses in the cash book
  • Create a surplus income calculation
  • Calculate sales tax returns, etc.

Often, business owners or independent hairdressers have two options – to hire an accounting specialist or to try to solve these issues themselves with the help of special programs. Purchasing all-inclusive accounting software enables you to complete all responsibilities with a single application. Accounting for the beauty salon is so simple to learn and so plainly laid out within one software that even those with little prior experience may quickly master it. Such alternatives also have a cloud option enabling access to the program from anywhere in the world.

A Guide to Bookkeeping For Hair Stylist

No More Bookkeeping Stress

Keeping proper financial records is time-intensive and small mistakes can be costly. BooksTime makes sure your numbers are 100% accurate so you can focus on growing your business.

Exploring 3 reasons why accounting is vital

Accounting is essential for the financial well-being of the salon, as it ensures accuracy and accountability. Here are a few justifications for why bookkeeping is vital among independent hair stylists and beauty space owners.

Help in budgeting

Every successful company often has a budget that helps optimize the financial plans, control costs, and monitor revenue. Knowing your company’s expenses and income will help you make important decisions that won’t burden your budget.

Work with taxes

Accounting also helps businesses comply with tax regulations by ensuring they have accurate records of all financial activities throughout the year, which can then be used when filing taxes each year. This can help reduce potential fines or penalties due to incorrect filings or lack of documentation during an audit.

Business planning

Accounting is the key to planning for the future by providing valuable insights into what has worked in the past, what could be improved upon, and where opportunities lie ahead. It also allows businesses to act proactively when making decisions about their finances rather than reactively responding to changes in their environment or industry.

Primary accounting documents for hairdressing salons

There are various financial forms that you must fill out. Among the most significant records:

  • A balance sheet: simply it is a document that lists your company’s assets, liabilities, debts, and equity.
  • Income statement (or a profit and loss statement): your company’s total revenue and outgoings during a specific period.
  • A cash flow statement: it shows how much money goes into and leaves your company.

Make sure you take your time managing the finances of your salon. The secret to a successful hairdressing salon is proper bookkeeping for hairdressers. Therefore, keeping track of services, gratuities, sales, and expenditure totals is indispensable. A healthy business from the ground up is ensured by understanding how much money is brought in and where it goes.

Beauty salon bookkeeping tips

Bookkeeping is an essential part of beauty business owners. Sometimes at work, business owners overlook some crucial points. Therefore, here are some tips that will help you stay on course and optimize your accounting.

Simplification of bank accounts

Business owners sometimes decide to utilize just one company’s bank account. One benefit of such a solution is that the accounting and bank reconciliation processes become simpler and take less time to complete.

Choose the appropriate software

Because many sources of income require daily, weekly, and monthly sales reports broken down by category. You need software that helps you track your expenses and income.

Payroll outsourcing

Just one aspect of your data is payroll. It is crucial to tackling this matter appropriately, though. Use your software to track how your employees are paid and gather this data each pay period. The remainder will be handled by the payroll service.

Get ready to do business

Even if you are just a beginner, think as a business owner. Reviewing financial statements such as balance sheets, income statements and cash flow reports each month will give you a better understanding of how well the business is performing financially. This can also help identify areas where changes need to be made or improvements could be made to maximize profits.

However, keeping your records is not all accounting is about. Most hairdressing salon proprietors delegate filing annual tax reports to their bookkeeper during tax season.

A Guide to Bookkeeping For Hair Stylist

How to do bookkeeping?

Starting your own business or working as self-employed is not easy. To correctly set up the work of the business, the hairdresser or beauty pace owner should abide by the following advice:

  • Study bookkeeping terms and open a bank account for your salon. Your income and spending must be isolated from your funds, which makes filing taxes simpler. Additionally, it demonstrates your professionalism.
  • The following action is to decide which salon accounting technique to employ. It also guides you on how to record salon charges. Either cash method or accrual accounting are options.
  • Ensure to track the salon’s earnings, outgoing expenditures, and claim costs. Use accounting software to streamline the procedure. You may keep a record of every transaction using a variety of accounting applications. Receipts, invoices, checks, pay stubs, and other financial information should be stored securely in your system.
  • Establish payroll. Every successful hairdressing salon eventually needs to employ personnel. Make sure you adhere to accepted hiring standards. To prevent issues, examine the minimum salary you must pay your staff first.
  • Inventory control. To merely know what you have in stock is to have an inventory. By keeping good records, you can discover popular items and ensure you always have enough supplies.

Finally, developing cash flow management skills in your salon is critical. Because of this, business forecasting is substantially simpler for hairdressing salon owners. It is more effective and guarantees you always have a positive cash flow to use a beauty salon’s accounting tool, which allows you to track your cash flow.

Typical accounting mistakes of beauty salon owners

Learning the common mistakes beauty salon owners make when starting a business is important. Here are some mistakes to avoid:

  • You have no customer records stored. Typically, a beauty salon’s success hinges on repeat customers. They assist your company throughout its “low” season and provide insurance against unanticipated events, the cornerstone of business development. When there is a customer record, it is easier to determine which of your total number of clients is a permanent one.
  • There is no reliable accounting of the products you use. The profit remains the same if you lack accounting for consumables. As a result, it’s crucial to preserve records for each hair stylist and each day consistently. To have more convenient accounting, divide consumables into groups: primary and additional, cosmetics and tools, etc.
  • You don’t use a CRM program. Accounting can be done without this, but it will take significantly longer. It would help if you didn’t exclude errors that result in much higher time and even monetary losses. A well-selected CRM system will handle calculations and management, allowing you to do everything quickly and accurately. At the same time, the product you choose must be appropriate.

One more popular mistake is the lack of company strategy. The perfect-pitch plan involves keeping track of everything in the salon and organizing its operations. Each step should be carefully considered, including hiring managers, procuring supplies, starting promotions, planning events for certain times of the year, and more. Planning should not scare you, but if it is, you should paint all the stages and divide the bulky ones into smaller ones, and the picture will become clear.


Accounting is a crucial component influencing whether your small or medium business succeeds or fails. Better accounting practices mean salons are less likely to run into financial issues. If you dream of boosting your business and want to concentrate on mastering your hairdressing skills, leave accounting to the professionals. Finding a reliable bookkeeping services company is the key to your peace.

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