April 10, 2020

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1-800Accountant Review

1-800Accountant Review

When you started your business, did you imagine you’d be spending so much time slaving over your financials? You are not alone. There are many services that exist just to make these tasks simpler and less time-consuming for small businesses. Today, we would like to talk about one of them in our 1-800Accountant review.

What is 1-800Accountant?

1-800Accountant is a nation-wide, virtual accounting firm. Its purpose is to handle all your accounting needs, so you can focus on managing and growing your business. They combine the power and convenience of technology with proactive, year-round support and advice from bookkeepers, accountants, financial advisors, and tax advisors. You can also turn to 1-800Accountant for payroll services.

1-800Accountant focuses on small businesses because small business owners deserve the same level of tax and accounting services that big companies get. This service will save you time and provide peace of mind. Their professionals are always available to answer your questions and engage in proactive planning. 

They will match you with an accountant who is an expert in your state and industry, so he can provide industry-specific advice and help you manage your business more effectively, maximize your tax savings and eliminate the uncertainty. 

Customers find their online system very convenient. The cutting-edge mobile technology allows you to manage your finances from anywhere and any device with one simple 1-800Accountant login. Once you go through the 1-800Accountant sign-in and setup process, you will be able to securely contact your accountant, create and send invoices, track vehicle mileage, and much more. Clients can communicate with their accountant via secure messaging, phone, email, or chat.

Overview of 1-800Accountant Features

  • Mobile app
  • Integration with client software
  • Transparent pricing
  • Financial and tax advising
  • Bookkeeping
  • Tax preparation
  • Payroll
  • Entity formation
1-800Accountant Review

1-800Accountant Pricing

1-800Accountant price is one simple flat fee for a plan that fits your individual business needs.

  • Bookkeeping

Clients pay $149 for bookkeeping check-in that includes real-time bookkeeping, detailed monthly reports, an overview of financials, regular check-ins, and ClientBooks intuitive online bookkeeping software. Your dedicated bookkeeper will set up your chart of accounts and help connect your bank and credit card accounts for transaction synchronization. If you also want to advise, you will pay $300 per month and will also have your income and expenses tracked, your bills managed, and support available 24/7.

  • Taxes

Their experts are up-to-date on all tax laws and will help you minimize tax liability and avoid any undesirable surprises. They will prepare, review, and file your small business taxes for you. 1-800accountant tax filing cost for business and personal tax preparation will be $990/year, for just personal tax preparation – $295/year and business tax preparation – $695/year. 

  • Payroll

1-800Accountant will ensure that your employees get paid on time, and your payroll taxes are taken care of. It will also maintain all the necessary employee records, including bonuses, wages, and tax withholding. The price is $79/month for one employee and $39/month for an additional employee.

User Reviews

1-800Accountant Review

“I really enjoyed my experience with my tax advisors. For someone 21 years old and inexperienced, it was nice to have people understand and guide me through the process. They really directed me on a great path for my business while also giving other helpful business advice.”


“I started my one person company in late 2016 and had no idea how to do the most dreaded three letters in business T.A.X. 1-800Accountant helped me every step of the way. I just got done with my 2017 taxes and the team did one awesome job. I never worry about IRS letters these days. I know 1800Accountant has my back and the answers.” 

– Colin Constable

“I would definitely recommend 1-800Accountant for other businesses. It’s all about doing the work for you instead of with you. You can tell they care about the customer and I find it to be very seamless.”

Carrie Sheffield

“Professional in accounting are expensive and you don’t get to spend that much time with them.. I found that 1800-Accountants are experts at what they do. The people are very knowledgeable. If something goes wrong, they are quick to fix it. Their customer service people are polite. Their managers have quick access to our information and can respond to your particular issues within minutes. I like my experience so far.”

Ernestine Grant

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Author: Charles Lutwidge

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