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As your organization develops and the amount of cash inflows grows, you will encounter a record-keeping routine. In this case, like lots of modern firms, you most likely will want to outsource the bookkeeping services to a professional enterprise. A company that provides accounting services for outsourcing will offer you facilities for the management of bookkeeping, calculations and the formation of a wage fund, as well as control over operating expenses and much more. Thanks to the development of modern technologies, entrepreneurs always have the choice to transfer all the bookkeeping data to the maintenance of a third-party enterprise or to upload part of the data to the cloud and provide access.

Outsourcing record keeping for small and medium businesses

Even though almost everyone can imagine what a counting expert is doing, there is practically no direct answer to the question of what exactly belongs to their duties. In other words, the specifics of the activities of each particular organization form the goals and objectives of each bookkeeping department or an enterprise that is involved as a third-party for online bookkeeping. However, most often, record-keeping companies have to perform the following range of tasks:

  • Commit all fiscal transactions data;
  • Administrate Bank Accounts;
  • Control and management of banking channels;
  • Administration of enterprise receivables;
  • Record keeping and cooperation with tax agents;
  • Preparation of fiscal reports;
  • Making recommendations for optimizing the cost of the company and so on.

The need for record-keeping facilities for modern business

The tax legislation of most countries requires any business to keep the so-called accounting books that contain all the financial operations of the enterprise. Such tools are designed to demonstrate all sources of income and expenses of the enterprise. At the same time, these records help to determine the taxable income and the income of an enterprise that is not taxable.

If the company’s bookkeeping is well-formed, it helps to observe the progress of the business and the growth of its performance. Thus, enterprise executives can see from which sources fixed assets come in and which projects are less efficient. Besides, this is a unique opportunity to optimize unnecessary spending and highlight the most unprofitable areas. Nevertheless, the introduction of well-structured reporting requires a significant amount of time and the availability of qualified personnel.

For small enterprises, it is not always sufficient to maintain a staff of employees who are engaged in record keeping and also to hire a fiscal manager who will control them. One of the most effective solutions is to attract third-party online recording data organizations. Thus, you will be able to conduct your business more efficiently and do not spend additional time on the correct execution of financial statements and the preparation of commercial documents. In this way, the enterprise can optimize its costs for the maintenance of the record-keeping department by transferring the main functions of fiscal recording to outsourcing.

Criteria for choosing a record-keeping firm

It goes without saying that each firm individually selects a fiscal facility enterprise. Nevertheless, there are specific parameters due to which you can quickly assess how a particular firm is suitable for your business. These parameters include:

  • The cost of providing facilities. First of all, it is worth evaluating how much you are willing to allocate for the maintenance of your record-keeping and also what services you will receive for this money. Therefore, when choosing a company, try to clarify these issues in advance and compare it with your budget.
  • Personalized record-keeping facilities. Try to understand in advance what specific features you would like to transfer to a third-party organization. Perhaps this means the formation of invoices or the counting of income and privacy policy expenses. The more extensive the list of facilities that you need from a record-keeping firm, the more expensive it will cost you.
  • Integration with your accounting software. Make sure that the chosen book keeper enterprise uses the same accounting software as your company. This way, you can save the time required to install third-party software.

The most efficient bookkeeping and accounting companies in 2019

Before proceeding with the review of the most efficient and optimal bookkeeper facilities companies, it should be immediately understood that the primary choice that will be given to the head of the enterprise is the amount of the budget that can be allocated for discussion of all accounting documents. Also, pay attention to which of the services are more necessary and for which you are not ready to pay at the moment. Although accountancy is not the direction in which you should save a lot, you need to understand that outsourcing facilities are still costs that you will need to incur monthly and, accordingly, the budget should be calculated for at least a year. Thus, you can pay for the facilities of an accountancy enterprise and to be sure that your bookkeeping is appropriately conducted.

Online record-keeping by Bench

This firm provides accountancy facilities online with the help of professional accountants who work in its staff. The enterprise offers facilities for the preparation of monthly financial reports and also makes an overview of all expenses of the company. Accordingly, you have an excellent opportunity to control all the revenues and costs of the enterprise. Thanks to the financial statements that Bench provides to you, you can immediately see which economic indicators influence the activities of your enterprise and also focus on the most promising areas of enterprise by reducing costs in unprofitable areas.

Besides, the enterprise helps to prepare a financial report at the end of the year, which contains the information required for the formation of tax returns. The bench can also cooperate with your CPA or advise you how and where to find the most suitable candidate

However, this enterprise does not keep a payroll of your enterprise and does not pay bills. Necessarily, the service that Bench provides is more suitable for small businesses that require accountancy facilities for outsourcing, as well as various tools for managing payroll, tax accounting, and analysis of the company’s expenses.

To bookkeeping services by

This is an enterprise that provides full accountancy facilities for small businesses. By using QuickBooks software, it can keep records of your account books by attracting certified accountants who have many years of experience in conducting financial reports. After the beginning of cooperation, the enterprise primarily integrates all your bank accounts and credit cards with QuickBooks. Thereby it allows you to issue bills automatically, make individual settings for them, find and control all payments as well as payroll part expenditures.

Thus, the management of the enterprise gets direct access to all financial accounts that are categorized and can immediately review the whole picture of the company’s activities. Also, the enterprise provides its customers with the opportunity to work with checks and, accordingly, can form a check for the necessary amount for you and also make sure that the counterparty has received it on time

Freeagent record keeping

It is an online accountancy program that allows you to independently conduct record-keeping and connect all your bank accounts to it. Thus, this program is not engaged in the introduction of your record-keeping but will enable you to effectively track all items of expenditure, to bill for facilities and to control all cash flows of your enterprise. FreeAgent is an excellent software solution for small enterprises that allows you to maintain your record-keeping at once for several projects and to take into account all your customers. If you are looking for an inexpensive and high-quality software for managing financial reports, this option is advantageous and does not require your high costs for years.

Complete record-keeping by Bookkeeper360

This is a full-fledged online data-keeping service that was developed to meet the needs of small and medium businesses. The enterprise uses the software under the trademark Xero and accordingly will help you integrate all your ledgers in this soft without losing information formed for all years during transmission. Besides, you will be assigned a personal bookkeeper who has experience in preparing all fiscal reports, issuing invoices, and also dealing with the distribution of the wage fund. You can also receive additional advice on record keeping, individual reporting for each department involved in generating profit in your enterprise, as well as recommendations on choosing a CPA to maintain your account.

If you think about how many tasks a modern businessman has to solve every day, it is not at all surprising that the issue of a recording of economic data is a challenging task for many managers. That is why it is essential to keep a private account and make the most effective decisions. Moreover, it is necessary as soon as possible to choose for yourself the most optimal online bookkeeping firm that can keep your fiscal issues and at the same time will not make mistakes. In this matter, the cost of the error policy may be too high, and therefore, you should not save on such urgent issues.

How Online Bookkeeping Services Benefit Small Businesses

Small businesses choose professional online bookkeeping services for many reasons. Let’s go over some of the advantages of online bookkeeping that make it so attractive.

  • Save time and money. For a small business, money and time are very crucial. Before online bookkeeping services were popular, the only way for small businesses to save money on bookkeeping was to run it on their own. However, it is obvious that this takes a lot of time (and time is money) and requires special knowledge that not everyone has.
  • Grow business in a strategic manner. Qualified experts constantly provide advice on tax optimization, help to prevent and minimize accounting errors that entail penalties and fines. Moreover, online bookkeeping allows to have constant and easy access to important real-time financial information to make the best decisions.
  • Improve business image. If a small business has transparent online bookkeeping records, there are no complaints from the regulatory authorities, the company’s attractiveness in the eyes of partners and investors, and counterparties increases, and confidence in it grows.

All of these factors can help small businesses grow. Use online bookkeeping and stay ahead of your competitors.

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