What is the Data Protection Guarantee?

BooksTime is proud to have an impeccable security record. We are committed to protecting client data with the best safeguards possible. In fact, BooksTime was the first major bookkeeping service to offer a comprehensive Data Protection Guarantee.

What does that mean? It’s simple: we guarantee that your data will be protected – no matter what. Our state-of-the-art security technology and strict operating procedures ensure that your sensitive information stays secure.

If BooksTime suffers a security breach that negatively impacts your company, we will offer you a full refund for the fees paid for our services. The Data Protection Guarantee covers all information your company provides to BooksTime after signing an engagement letter. It is the only security guarantee of its kind offered by any bookkeeping firm.

Terms and Conditions

    The Data Protection Guarantee is subject to the terms and conditions listed below.

    This Guarantee only covers security breaches caused solely by a flaw in BooksTime’s security systems or negligence on the part of BooksTime that causes you damage. Breaches caused by flaws in the client’s security systems, by a client’s negligence, or by a client’s insecure transmission of information to us are not covered by this Guarantee.

    Please email BooksTime at for a free security consultation to ensure that your security practices meet industry standards and follow data protection best practices. The BooksTime security consultation is provided without any warranty, representation or guarantee, all of which are disclaimed to the fullest extent permitted by law, and this Guarantee does not extend to any information or consultation provided thereunder. BooksTime hereby disclaims any liability relating to any security practices undertaken by Client. 

    This Guarantee shall only apply upon execution and acceptance of an engagement agreement between you and BooksTime.

    BooksTime will notify you if we determine that a security breach has occurred that may negatively impact you. In order to make a claim under the Data Protection Guarantee, you must notify BooksTime within ninety (90) days after receiving such notice from BooksTime, and your notification must be sent to BooksTime in an email delivered to If you fail to properly notify BooksTime of your claim, you waive any and all rights you may have under this Guarantee. Your claim must indicate the damage you claim to have suffered as a result of the security breach.

    We want to make sure any claims are processed as promptly as possible. After receiving notification as described above, claims under this Guarantee may take up to thirty (30) days to process and for your refund to be issued (if entitled). We reserve the right in our sole discretion to hold the client responsible for any bank fees or other transaction charges that the client’s bank charges as a result of the issuance of the refund.

    If you are entitled to a refund under this Guarantee, your refund is limited to the amounts you have paid to us for services in the twelve (12) month period prior to the occasion giving rise to the claim under this Guarantee, and only for services relevant to the security breach in question. You acknowledge that we will not be liable for any amounts beyond this, including any indirect or consequential damages that may result from a security breach covered hereunder (this includes, without limitation, any lost profits, lost revenues or claims by third parties). You hereby forever release us for any damages arising from a security breach beyond the refund amount permitted hereunder.

    Our commitment to security will never change, so this Guarantee is not likely to change either. However, we reserve the right in our sole discretion to modify or discontinue this Data Protection Guarantee or to, if we deem it necessary, restrict its availability to any person or firm, at any time, for any reason, and prior to providing you service or after providing you service and prior to the sufferance of any security breach. The terms that are in effect at the time of your claim will determine your eligibility under the Data Protection Guarantee.

    This Guarantee is further subject to the terms and conditions of any engagement agreement between you and us.

Please note: BooksTime does not provide tax preparation or attest services.

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